This cute little short called A Space Dream was my first dip into the world of animation. 2D or 3D. And while the art isn't the best (and neither is the animation), it turned out a lot better than I originally thought it would and am extremely proud of how far I came in animating.
This game which we'll just call Angry Santa was the second game I ever coded and this time, I was on a wonderful team. I was in charge of designing the elf and the reindeer, both of which I ended up being way more proud of then I thought I would.
For this game, which we called Mirror, I was in charge of designing the two main characters, pictured to the left and above. The theme was Quantum Entanglement, basically how everything is connected even though they're on different sides of the coin. I tried to make the two characters as opposite, but also as complementary, of each other as I could.